News: Improved APP for GPS-tracker

The GPS-tracker that Toplift offer has now got an improved Smartphone Application. In the free version, you can see the vehicles position and set the GPS-tracker into (or out of) LIVE mode. You can also set the tracker into Alarm mode, where it pushes notifications to you if the GPS gets new positions (i.e. the vehicle is moving).

Please see more information at the product page here at the Toplift webstore. Below we show a couple of screen dumps from the new Smartphone Application. We look forward to your requests or orders!



This screen dump shows the Status page in the Application. You can see how much of the battery is remaining and how many GPS-singals that has been sent. Also, you will see what mode the GPS-tracker is set to and how long time left you have on the subscription.




This screen dump shows the Historic positions page in the Application PRO version (cost about 15 EUR to upgrade to PRO version).






This screen dump show the GEO Fence that can be set up using the Application PRO version.