GPS-tracker Lite for connection to external batteries

SweTrack Lite is very much value for a great price! You get a complete GPS-protection to your vehicle – including mobile application, moment alarm and geographical fences. Do as thousands of others have already done – and protect your vehicle with GPS for a safer everyday.

SweTrack Lite is a revolutionary product that makes GPS-tracking something that is available for everyone. The product is mounted with two simple cables to the electrical system in your vehicle. After this, it delivers problem free live tracking via the application SweTrack Live. You can activate different types of alarms, for example if your boat leaves the dock. It really makes the SweTrack Lite the perfect protection for you car, boat, motorcycle, trailer or caravan.

This GPS-tracker is the perfect mix between price and performance. It does not take much more space than a lighter, which provides endless possibilities of hiding the tracker when mounting it. You can place it in the motor area, behind the instruments or even in the boot – the only thing needed is a free plus- and minus connection to the 12 volt battery.

The tracker is delivered with the SwetTrack Live mobile application, that allows you to follow the vehicle position and to receive warnings from the vehicle. Also, the tracker comes with integrated internal SIM card, that connects to all mobile nets in each country in Europe (including Norway and Switzerland). This makes the GPS-tracker work seamlessly across borders in EU, Norway and Switzerland  The tracker will automatically choose the operator that has got the best connection at the moment, in each separate country. Hence, the SweTracker is ideal for you that are travelling both in Sweden and outside in the European countries, as you do not need to worry about changing subscriptions or operators.

Live tracking
Through the SweTrack live application, that is available for computers and mobile devices, you are always able to see the position of the vehicle. It updates the position automatically every other minute when it is in movement and each 9 minutes with it is standing still. So you will always be in control of where the vehicle is.

Historic view
You can, via the application, see the complete history of how the vehicle has moved during a selected time period. Perfect when you want to look back at the last summers vacation.

Geographical fence
By activating a geographical fence, you will get a notice from the application if the vehicle is leaving a certain area – for example the dock, the garage drive way or the city where you live. If an accident happens, you can always follow the car movements with the application.

Simple to install
This GPS-tracker is mounted with two cables onto the existing electrical system of the car. All you need to do after this is to download the application and create an account. No messing with odd commando lines or special tools – everything is set up and ready to use directly. Please see the instructional video below of how simple the tracker is installed.

Data package that works all over Europe
In the monthly fee for SweTrack Lite a data package is included that works all over Europe (EU, Norway and Switzerland  The tracker connects itself to the operator with the best connection automatically.

Water resistant design
A GPS tracker that is to be hidden in a vehicle needs to resist humidity, dust and dings. This is why the SweTrack Lite is IPX-5-classified, so that it delivers problem free tracking no matter the weather or wind.

Internal battery backup
The SweTrack Lite gets it electricity from the vehicle, but also has got a built-in battery of 11 mAh, so that it can keep tracking its position even if the power goes out. As soon as the power is back on, the battery will be charged again.

Information about the traffic fee
There is no external SIM card needed for the SweTrack Lite. It has got an integrated SIM card, where you can buy traffic data for 49 Swedish crowns (about 5 Euros) per activated month. In the traffic fee it is included unlimited tracking in Europe (EU, Norway and Switzerland), in all of the operators networks. The product changes automatically between the networks, so that it is always connected to the one with the best connection. In Sweden, for example, it switches between Telia, Telenor and Tele2 networks, and chooses the one with the best connection at the moment.

You do not need to activate traffic every month, only the months when you need tracking. If you only need tracking for one month, then you can activate tracking during this month and then choose not to continue with the tracking. You can then start tracking another month again, when you like to. You do not tie yourself up in any way, you can stop the tracking service just as easy as you started it.

What does the package include? 
SweTrack Lite GPS-tracker
A fast manual in Swedish
Cables for mounting the tracker into vehicles
Karting & Guarantee evidence

Do not miss the video below on the tab showing how to install the SweTrack Lite GPS tracker.

Delivery time: This GPS-tracker is normally in stock.




Swedish GPS-tracker, with very advanced functions and settings. Attaches to external battery (see video instruction). Integrated SIM card for Europe (including Norway and Switzerland). You need to a flexible monthly subscription for the SIM-card…

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Weight2 kg
Dimensions40 × 20 × 20 cm


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