Local GPS-tracker with advance settings

Swedish GPS-tracker with lots of functions and settings, waterproof, built in rechargeable battery.

Use this GPS-tracker on local bases, with commando language in swedish, to track and prevent theft of vehicles, sensitive deliveries or even to check up on the boat during winter storage.

With the SweTrack Extreme you get on of the trackers with the most functions and settings available. For example, it has got alarm functions of different kinds – the most popular one is the move alarm, that set off if the vehicle is starting to move.

You can activate this alarm when you park the vehicle – and if something happens, you get a text message straight away. You can even activate a geographical fence, so the tracker send you an alarm if the vehicle leave the area. The GPS-tracker has a built in magnet, making it very simple to attach it to your vehicle. Even the magnet itself has got a sensor, that can send an alarm to you if it is detached from the vehicle. Finally, the GPS-tracker come with the mobile application SweTrack Live, with is the plattform for live GPS-tracking. In this app, you can follow the position of the vehicle live and make all the necessary changes to the tracking device from a distance.

The outer shell of the tracker is not only extremely tough, it is also discrete – so that a potential thief does not find it easily.

Despite the powerful hardware, the extreme tracker is very small to the format, enabling it to be placed almost anywhere.

When it is time to charge the battery, you simply use a USB-connector. All the connecting points are hidden and encapsulated, to make the tracker water proof.

The built-in magnet makes it easy to attach the GPS-tracker to the vehicle. In addition, the tracker has a “detachment-alarm” that can send you a warning if the tracker is removed.

This GPS-tracker does not need any installation – you just hide it in the vehicle, wherever you want to. As it is not connected to any power supply, you can easily move it from one vehicle to another, or to other usage areas.

Technical data:

  • Band frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • Battery time (standby): Upp to 100 hours (depending on version, see table in pictures for details)
  • Network type: GSM & GPRS
  • Sensor for movements: Yes
  • Charge connector type: USB
  • Waterproof: Yes (IP65)
  • Microphone and Listening function: Yes
  • Real time tracking with application: Yes
  • Operative system supported: iOS, Android
  • Battery type: Li-Ion
  • Precision for GPRS sensor: 5 meter
  • GPS-chip, type: uBlox7
  • Network Protocol (IPv4): TCP

Förpackningen innehåller USB-sladd och väggladdare, svensk användarmanual samt en snabbmanual.

Normal delivery time: approx 3-5 work days from your order.

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This gps-tracker is available in different versions. The only thing that separates between the versions are the battery capacity and size of the trackers (see separate table in picture slider). Please make your choice below.




Swedish GPS-tracker, with very advanced functions and settings. Built in rechargeable battery. You use your own SIM card for data traffic. Built in magnet. Water protected…

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Weight2 kg
Dimensions40 × 20 × 20 cm


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