Windblocker to Audi A4 Convertible model year 2002-2009

Use a wind blocker in your Audi A4 Convertible to heavily reduce windblown hair, ear and neck discomfort, draught around your legs and poor acoustics.

The model specific Windblockers Toplift offers are of very high quality, manufactured from the highest quality materials such as special woven mesh and steel tubular frame, covered with a hard wearing leatherette.

Please note that this wind deflector is tailored for the Audi A4 Convertible model year 2002-2009 (type 8H, model B6 and B7), and not a one-size-fits-all solution.

The windblocker is fitted in no-time, without the need of drilling holes or any other damage to your Audi. It uses spring loading into the original mounting points in the A4 Convertible.

The wind defector is supplied with instructional picture/pictures. We rarely get any questions on how the simple installation is made. But if you do have questions, we will try our very best to help you.

Foldable: Yes, wind deflector can fold once on the long side.
Fit in the trunk: No, this wind deflector does not fit into the trunk (this is very common for after market wind deflectors, you just need to plan a little if you know you will bring passengers in your rear seat. Great to add a storage bag when you do not have the wind deflector in the car, to keep it protected)
Storage bag: Yes, available as option for small extra cost, add this below.

Delivery time: normally approx 2-3 weeks


Storage bag for wind deflector (+29 €)

Storage bag for wind deflector (+29 €)


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Wind¬†deflector¬†to Audi A4 Convertible model year 2002-2009. Spring loaded using original mounting points…

Additional information

Weight5.0 kg
Dimensions100 × 50 × 10 cm


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