RoadsterBags for BMW Z4 (model E89)

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Travel suitcase set tailored for the BMW Z4 (model E89) that fit even with the roof down. You maximize the utility level of luggage space, get an exclusive look and perfect organisation with these european made high quality roadster bags. The total volume of luggage is 119 liter!

The kit comes with three different bags, one thinner one for the bottom section and two big ones on top of the first one (see pictures). Each of the bags are made to fit the specific area of the boot.

With a metal-plastic composite frame, the cases become very light, but still very stable so your clothes does not crease. The bags come with document pocket, lockable lid with 2-way zipper and retaining straps inside – beautiful yet practical.

The bigger bags comes with handles that can fold into the bag, with aluminium travel case construction and with bearing wheel with silicon dampening. The bags are tailored for the BMW Z4 and can not be compared to traditional travel suitcases.

The BMW Z4 Roadster bags come in black with contrasting silver seams. They are made of very high quality, with three dimensional vinyl woven nylon, and synthetic leather on large sections of the bags. Lining is made of Ancarra Microfiber. The bags come decorated with high quality logo emblems. They are hand made in Europe.

Normal delivery time: approx 2 weeks with silver seams. Approx 4 weeks for seams in red or mokka color.

Do you want to make your bags even more personalized than is possible below?

If you have set your mind to having the bags designed the way you want them, there are almost endless possibilities. See the link below to get to our inspirational page showing how these bags can be modified all to your personal taste. We ask you to keep in mind that these personalization often is more clostful to achieve - but still very possible. See this link:

Inspirational page for individually designed bags

If you are fully satisfied with the options available below, then there is no need to complicate things. Just make your choices below and add the bags to the cart:

Silver grey color of stitching

Mokka color of stitching [+79 €]

Red color of stitching [+79 €]

Blue color of stitching [+79 €]

Yellow color of stitching [+79 €]

Green color of stitching [+79 €]

Silver grey color of stitching
Mokka color of stitching [+79 €]
Red color of stitching [+79 €]
Blue color of stitching [+79 €]
Yellow color of stitching [+79 €]
Green color of stitching [+79 €]

Grey Ancarra interior (standard colour)

Black Ancarra interior (4w delivery)

Beige Ancarra interior (4w delivery) [+129 €]

Racing Green Ancarra interior (4w delivery) [+129 €]

Red Ancarra interior (4w delivery) [+129 €]

Grey Ancarra interior (standard colour)
Black Ancarra interior (4w delivery)
Beige Ancarra interior (4w delivery) [+129 €]
Racing Green Ancarra interior (4w delivery) [+129 €]
Red Ancarra interior (4w delivery) [+129 €]


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Tailored roadster bags for your BMW Z4 model E89. Three bags that maximizes your luggage space, even with the top down…

Additional information

Weight10 kg
Dimensions70 × 70 × 50 cm

12 reviews for RoadsterBags for BMW Z4 (model E89)

  1. David Asphage

    Very nice bags, that fit very well in the trunk. The packing really is maximized. A jacket or two can be added on the space left furthest in where the net is, and perhaps an extra pair of shoes in the space left furthest back, or a shopping bag from the wine-yard… The third bag is a little harder to find use for, what to have in this one – the swim suit perhaps?

  2. Ulrika Aldefelt

    Very well made and spacious bags that fits perfect in the trunk. Very pleasant and personal customer service at Toplift. Unfortunately the delivery time was three weeks and not two weeks, why we had to go on vacation without these nice bags. It was a little sad, but we are still very satisfied with the purchase and how it was managed/delivered!

  3. Jim Halstead

    The z4 luggage arrived today. I am very happy with the material quality and fit in the trunk. The purchase was very easy and your response was timely.
    Thank You
    Jim Halstead (USA)

  4. Synnøve

    Hi Peter,
    We received the bags yesterday. We could have got them before, but we were not at home. They do seem very fine and we look forward to use them. The delivery itself was very smooth. Thank you for great service.
    Best regards,
    Synnøve Høiby Kveta

  5. Bryan Hoag

    Really love these Z4 luggage bags. Perfect utilization of the limited trunk space with the top down. Bags are well constructed. Peter at TopLift was great to work with. Highly recommended!

  6. Johan Halvardson

    They fit perfectly into our BMW Z4!
    Also, the customer support was just great, including keeping the bags a secret present for my wifes birthday!

  7. David Brown

    Excellent cases, fit perfectly. Well constructed, fast delivery and Peter keeps you updated on progress.

  8. Dan Marklund

    Super thanks for the luggage bags to my BMW Z4 2010 they all fit just perfect, but you already knew this. The service was excellent where both payment and delivery was super easy. I can warmly recommend Toplift.
    Super happy customer.
    Dan Marklund

  9. Johann Schemat

    The bags are very well made and great looking. I bring both bags, so we can have one bag each and the small extra one is perfect to put books and magazines. They fit perfectly into the luggage room, so we can know in advance exactly how much you can bring on longer trips and at the same time drive with the soft top down. The delivery was faster than expected and the communication with the owner, Peter, was perfect, we got all the information needed. I can really recommend these bags to a Z4 owner that wants to go on longer trips staying, and do not want to think on how to pack the car with loose bags. Also nice with a Swedish company and not the least located on Orust that has got this assortment, I think there will be more things purchased here in the future.

  10. Bo Ahlén

    Thanks Peter that I got these nice and solid bags before my trip. They fit perfectly into the trunk. No problems now, when you know exactly what to pack. I can warmly recommend doing business with Peter.

  11. Anne Karlsso

    Thanks Peter for the nice tone you have in the conversations. I am not used to this when shopping over the Internet.
    The bags arrived today. They fit perfectly and are also great looking. I long for the spring and all the car trips we will make.
    I warmly recommend this to everyone.
    You are the best.

  12. Lars Johnsson

    Hello! Today I went to pick up our bags. They look really nice, but as it is the 1st of March today, we still have not got the car to try them out in. I look very much forward to this!
    Professional customer support from Toplift.

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