Morgan Roadster, Plus 8 and 4/4 boot bags

This removable and fully waterproof boot bag fit Morgan Roadster, Plus 8 and 4/4.

The boot bag sits on the boot using a unique non slip mat, to protect your paintwork. It attaches to the boot lid, using an unique strapping system. When not in use, it folds flat for easy storage.

Please do not miss the video below showing the mounting and functions of the boot bag.

If you are planning on buying a removable stainless steel boot rack from Toplift, then this water proof bag is ideal to use on the boot rack as well (and you get the added option of using just the anti-slip-mat and straps).

The boot bags are available in two different sizes. The Standard size bag (shown on the Morgan Roadster in the pictures) has a 50 liter luggage capacity and measures 70x36x20 cm, the soft anti-slip-mat measures 80x40cm. The Vacation size bag has a 75 liter capacity and measures 90x40x20 cm, the mat 90×45 cm.

These are the main features of the Morgan boot bags (all of the pictures below are shown in full size format in the slide show):


Hand made in Europe for the highest quality and control possible.



The boot bag sits on an anti slip matting this protects your cars paintwork the mat is 4mm thick, its ‘squashy’ and is ‘anti slip’ so it stays in place.


tackt_dragkedja_forhindrar_vatten90pxThe boot bag has a large flap held in place with Velcro that sits over the zip to ensure no water gets through the tiny holes in the zip. The zip has two buckles and can be padlocked for security.


kraftiga_infastningar_svetsade_sommar90pxAll fixings are attached to two circles on the top of the bag, these are sown on then high frequency welded so no water can enter the bag, it is fully waterproof.


ett_stort_utrymme_i_vaskan_90pxThe bag is one compartment inside with a zip on three sides, the clear plastic that is welded over the stitches can clearly be seen (a larger picture available in the slide show).


kraftiga_fasten_for_fastremmar_90pxThe straps attach to the boot bag using ladder lock fittings, these are found on high quality rucksacks, bags etc. The harder the straps are pulled the tighter the joint becomes, as long as the straps are tight, the boot bag is not going to move. The straps can each hold 500kg.

barrem_enkelt_bara_90pxThe boot bag has a detachable shoulder strap, so you can arrive at your destination attach and carry the bag off like a normal holdall.


inga_skador_med_mjua_fastrammar_90pxThe boot bag has no clips or hooks and simply attaches using webbing, no paint chips here! The webbing will not move. Neither will the mat, so there is no risk of any damage to your paintwork.


Please make your choice below on what size you would like on the boot bag.

Normal delivery time: 3-4 days, as this is a stocked item.


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Removable waterproof boot bag for Morgan Roadster, Plus 8 and 4/4. Attaches to the boot lid, using an unique strapping system. It sits on the boot on a non slip mat, to protect your paintwork.

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Dimensions70 × 40 × 30 cm
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