Wind deflector to Mazda MX5 Miata ND 2015+

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Use a wind blocker in your Mazda MX5 Miata to heavily reduce windblown hair, ear and neck discomfort, draught around your legs and poor acoustics.

The model specific Windblockers Toplift offers are of very high quality, manufactured from the highest quality materials such as special woven mesh and steel tubular frame, covered with a hard wearing leatherette.

Please note that this wind deflector is tailored for the Mazda MX-5 Miata, model years 2015+ (model type ND and it also fit very well in RF). It is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

The windblocker is easily fitted, in just a few minutes. There is no drilling needed. As the pictures to the left show, you simply attach the wind blocker using the velcro straps around the roll-hoops.

The wind defector is supplied with instructional picture/pictures. We rarely get any questions on how the simple installation is made. But if you do have questions, we will try our very best to help you.

Fit in the trunk: Yes, this wind deflector fit into the trunk.
Storage bag: Yes, available as option for small extra cost, add this below.

Delivery time:
The black version is normally in stock.
The red frame version is about 2-3 weeks delivery time.


Red frame instead of black (still the net is always black) (+39 €)

Red frame instead of black (still the net is always black) (+39 €)

Storage bag for wind deflector (+29 €)

Storage bag for wind deflector (+29 €)


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Mesh wind deflector to Mazda MX5 Miata Fourth¬†Generation (ND, also for RF!), easy installation with two¬†velcro band¬†around roll hoops…

Additional information

Weight3.0 kg
Dimensions100 × 50 × 10 cm

9 reviews for Wind deflector to Mazda MX5 Miata ND 2015+

  1. Pelle Wanjura

    We have tried the wind deflector for a 500 kilometer drive this week end and can leave the following report:
    1. Ridiculously easy to mount and demount.
    2. Great view through the mirror, through the net, and backwards behind the car.
    3. Stop the wind towards the neck. (But the difference is not that very great as the wind coming this way on this model of MX-5). Biggest difference is of course in higher speeds.
    4. However, almost all the turbulence into the cockpit, when air comes down towards hands and legs goes away. Very nice when driving in a little cooler temperature.
    5. Probably this means that we should not have to take the roof up at lighter rain, but as we had no rain on our drive, we could not test this.
    To conclude, it feels like great value for the money and a practical comfort increase. Especially compared to the more clumpsy and permanent installed wind deflectors we have been looking at before this solution.

  2. Sören Terander

    I have only tried the wind deflector for a shorter drive, and it clearly reduce the wind turbulence a lot compared to the original wind deflector.
    Fast delivery – I ordered on Monday morning, and was able to pick up the wind deflector on Wednesday morning.
    I did not see that there is a cover that can be ordered with the wind deflector. This should have been marketed as a package – wind deflector + storage bag.
    Very pleasant customer support from Toplift.

  3. Bertil Nordahl

    Fast handling of my order. The wind deflector was very easy to mount. After drivning a few times under varying circumstances, I can conclude that the wind blocker is very efficient and heavily reduces the draft compared to Mazdas original wind deflector on the ND.

  4. Sven Olsson

    We were very happy with our purchase of tailored luggage bags to the MX5 before the summer, so we decided to also order a wind deflector, to see if it could improve the comfort in the car somewhat. As usual the order was handled fast and professional and this time we decided to visit Toplift and collect the wind deflector in place to see what other products are available at Toplift. It was a very nice visit, and of course we bought som “extra things that is good to have”.

    The wind deflector was easily mounted, and we could continue our roadtrip to see if it made any difference – it really is, especially in higher speeds (highway).

    We are very pleased with our purchase, and it is very likely we will order more things from Toplift.

    Thanks Peter for great service and great products.

  5. Anders Andersson

    Quick delivery. Easy to mount using the velcro straps. Less wind turbulence. It does not need to be removed when putting the top up. The sight backwards gets a little darker. Buy this.

  6. Kjell Matson

    Very fast delivery, easy to mount.
    During the early spring at the end of February, I have tested to go with the top down and the wind deflector mounted (in approx +2 degrees celsius).
    This wind deflector makes the wind turbulence go away almost completely.
    The only draw back with the wind deflector is that I now need to step out of the car to fold up/down the roof.

  7. Ulf Olsson

    Easy to order and install, I ordered on a Sunday and got delivery on a Wednesday. The mounting is really simple and it works well and efficient.
    I have driven about 300 kilometers since installing it, and the turbulence and the draft to the neck is gone. It works well even in speeds up to 120-130 km/h.
    A minor draw back is that in order to fold the top down, you need to get out of the car. Folding it up is possible without leaving the car, if you can reach the frame of the wind deflector.

  8. Conny Börjesson

    The wind turbulence in the car is heavily reduced. The speed to drive comfortably increases. The rear view is not reduced. Simple to install. Works together with the RF roof folding and closing. This can be recommended!
    And a nice visit to Peter at Toplift, that is very service minded. The next time I will probably get some car care products and the luggage bags.

  9. M Lundvall

    Clearly less wind turbulence in the coupe. Easy to install. Bought it from Peter at Orust, a nice visit! No bigger effort to put the top up/down with the wind deflect in place. Small drawback: you see good enough through the wind deflector, but a little of the “outdoor feeling” is lost when the wind deflector is in place.

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